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Welcome to Delicious Sovereignty!

I’m Chad Gold, baccalaureate of Health Education and Promotion, and Master NLP Health & Life Coach. I manage the Sovereignty Health and Wellness Center in Boise Idaho.

We were ALL born with absolute internal sovereignty which can never be taken from us. However, we can give it away of our own free will. We start to do so around the time we begin learning our languages. We give it away to things like family, society, religion, politics, culture, and eventually to addictions. I am dedicated to helping people take back their sovereignty by managing weight, fitness, relaxation, depression & anxiety, and setting and achieving clear goals.

One powerful way to take our sovereignty back is to reclaim optimal mental and physical health through what we choose to eat and drink and think so this blog is about enjoying healthy delicious food and drink as well as how we think about what we take in. Another way to take it back is through our internal dialog as well as our relationships. We can lift the amnesia that can result in a life of deferring our sovereignty to others and celebrate our unique identity as well as our part in the groups of other people we work, play, and live with.

This blog is about food for our bodies as well as food for thought. Thank you in advance for giving some thought to what you read here, and please follow it. You are welcome to contact me with any comments or questions you have. Also, if you know anyone else who could benefit from and enjoy this blog, please share it with them too!

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